Wakesurf Lessons

Choose instruction behind our MasterCraft and reward yourself with perfectly sculpted waves and the best equipment. With a more controlled setting and fewer variables, you'll be able to focus solely on surfing while we do the heavy lifting.
You can also have us join you on your home turf - your boat! By using your boat at your lake, we can get down to business. If you're new to the sport, we can guide you in the right direction from surf instruction to properly weighting your boat.**Travel fees may be applicable depending on location.**
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Our MasterCraft XT23
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1-Hour Experience

Load up and shred perfect lefts or rights behind our MasterCraft. Recommended for 1 to 2 riders.

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2-Hour Experience

Duck-dive in and let us analyze your technique, help you master that 360, or get you up for the first time! Recommended for 1 to 2 riders.

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3-Hour Experience

Time flies when you're on the water. Before you know it you've hit two hours and are looking for more. Go with the 3-Hour experience and let's take things up a level.

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Half Day Experience

Lefts, rights, switch or transfers: we're catering to you and up to 3 of your friends or family.

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Full Day Experience

Like a day at the perfect break, but without the salt or sand. Wakesurf, wakeboard, swim, relax, or explore the lake- we're going at your tempo. Fill out the line-up with up to 8 surfers and spend a day shredding.

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2-Hour Lesson

Recommended for up to 2 surfers. Depending on the student or students, this may be three longer sets or four shorter sets.

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Half Day Lesson

Our best seller for teaching on your boat. Recommended for small groups or families of 2 to 4. Approximately 4 hours dedicated to you seems to be the sweet spot for most.

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Full Day Lesson

A full day focused on you. Wakesurfing, wakeboarding, boat setup and driving: we'll likely cover it all.

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